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"Inform" is a compiler of Infocom-format story files. It was written and uploaded by Graham Nelson, <>
Current version:

o compiler: 5.5 Release 1502, July 3rd 1995
o library: 5/11, July 3rd 1995.

General notes


Source code

Library files


Contains the following documents:

The Craft of Adventure, Second Addition.
The Inform Technical Manual for Revision 5.4 (v1405), last updated 18jan95.
The Specification of the Z-Machine and Inform Assembly Language.

[Other versions of the Craft of Adventure can be found in the Documents page, other versions of the other documents can be found in this page.


Compiled versions of these games, as well as other games which are not supplied with source code, can be found in the Infocom Games Index.

Also, source code for full Inform games can be found in the Source Games Index.


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