The Infocom Games Index

Following is a list of all those games which are in the Infocm ZCode format. In order to run any, you will require an interpreter for your system.


How to play these games

A brief word on what you need to play the games listed below. Last updated October 1995.

The Inform Game List

A Non_interactive List of Inform Games


A Change in the Weather

An Interactive Short Story by Andrew Plotkin for the IF Games '95 contest. Rlease 3, serial number 950803.

Adventure aka Colossal Cave

Inform Release 3 / Serial #951220, ported by Graham Nelson based on Dave Baggett's TADS recosntruction "Collosal Cave Revisited".


Inform Release 1 / Serial #941017. Infocom port from Scott Adams' Adventure

All Quiet on the Library Front

Release 2 / serial number 951204, An Interactive Vignette by Michael S. hillips. New release of original submitted for the IF Games '95 contest. Original verison can be found in the IF Games '95 Competition Page.
submitted for the IF Games '95 contest (original version can be fou. Release 2 / serial number 951204.


Inform Release 1 / Serial #941002, by Graham Nelson. An Interactive Short Story.


Inform Release 4 / Serial #941223, ported by Jon Drukman, from original AdvSys code by himself.


An Interactive Conspiracy by Gareth Rees. Release 3, serial number 951107.

Curses, An Interactive Diversion

Release 15 Serial number 950711, by Graham Nelson. Accompanied by a description file for release 16.


An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater 3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective", by Christopher E. Forman. Release 101, serial number 950814. Includes Inform source code and compiled game file. Written for the '95 IF Games Competition.


An interactive Z-code demonstration by Andrew C. Plotkin.

Inhumane: An Infralogic Massacre

Written by Andrew Plotkin. Revision 2, ported from Applesoft BASIC to Inform by the author. This is a parody of Infocom's Infidel, written when the author was about 15.


An Interactive History, release 3 / Serial number 951129 by Graham Nelson. Complete version (game and help information); must be played with a minimum of a V8 Infocom interpreter.
Also available seperate in a game only package, and a help and background information package.

The Killer #1: Claustrophobia

A time-killer by Sam Hulick. Release 1 / serial number 950925.

The Magic Toyshop

A fun game for all the family. Written by Gareth Rees for the '95 IF Games Contest. Release 1 / serial number 950816.

The Mind Electric

An Interactive Vision by Jason Dyer for the '95 IF Games Contest. Release 1 / serial number 950816.

Mini-Zork I

Data file of a demo originally distributed for the Commodore 64.

Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot

Beta Release 1 / Serial #941021, ported by Teo Kwang Liak, from AGT.

Paper Chase, An Interactive Education

Written by Chris Skapura. This game was originally published as a TRS-80 BASIC listing titled "Collegiate Capers" in '80 Micro' magazine, August 1983.

Robots - Another Abuse of the Z-Machine

A Nostalgic Diversion by Torbjorn Anderson. Release 3 / serial number 950812.

Theatre, An Interactive Night of Horror

Release 2 / Serial number 951203 by Brendon Wyber.

Tube Trouble

A mini-adventure by Richard Tucker for the IF Games Comp '95. Release 0 / serial number 950831.

The Windhall Chronicles Volume I

The Path to Fortune, Release 4 / Serial number 960326 by Jeff Cassidy and Christopher E. Forman.

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