Infocom Gamefile Interpreters Index


The Apple II ProDOS Z-Code Interpreter.

ITF - The InfoTaskForce Infocom Interpreter

Plays all Infocom V1 to V5 games. Comes with source code.

PInfocom - The Portable Infocom Interpreter

The Portable Infocom Interpreter by Paul D. Smith. Comes with source code.

ZIP - Z-code Interpreter Program

This interpreter will run all Infocom V1 to V5 games. It includes support for timeouts in Border Zone, screen displays in Beyond Zork and implements the #record debugging function, etc. Comes with source code.

ZMachine - Z-code Machine

This interpreter will not run Infocom Interactive Fiction Plus (which I take to mean it will only play up to version 3 gamefiles). Comes with source code.

ZTerp - Z-Code Interpreter

This intrepreter will run V3 to V5 games. Comes with source code.

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