Eamon Games Index

This index contains The Wonderful World of Eamon version 2.0, a text role playing game originally written for the Apple II by Donald Brown.

Disk Images for Apples/Emulators

o The Eamon game list

Contains a list of all written Eamon games.

o Image directory

Contains available Eamon disk images; including the main hall, games, utilities, and dungeon design disks. These images are suitable for either direct copying onto Apple disks or using with an Apple emulator (see the the Apple II Games Index for more information).

IBM Converted Games

The following games have been ported to DOS by John Walker.

Main program

This contains the documentation, the Main Hall (where new characters are created, and the Beginner's Cave (executables).

The Dungeon Designer's Disk

Manual and GW-BASIC routines to create your own Eamon adventure, by Donald Brown and John Nelson.

Eamon Designer's Manual (HTMLized)

A HTMLized version of the Designer's Manual from the Dungeon Designer's Disk.

Eamon Player's Manual (HTMLized)

A HTMLized version of the Player's Manual from the Dungeon Designer's Disk.

The Ice Cave

The second adventure.

Assault on the Clone Master

The third adventure.

The Quest for Trezore

The fourth adventure.

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