The Apple II Games Index

The Apple II programs contain herein are disk images of Apple programs. In order to run them on an Apple you merely need to directly transfer the data in a file down to a 5 1/4" diskette, and can disregard the information concerning emulation.

Available Program Categories

o Eamon Games Index

Eamon is an RPG system invented by Donald Brown for the Apple //.

o Apple Image Repository

A site with a great many Apple // game images. The Adventure subdirectory has some text adventures.

o Eamon Games Directory

A collection of Eamon game disk images for the Apple from GMD.

Emulating the Apple

This section contains a list of resources available for emulating the Apple //. Currently, emulators are available for the Amiga, Apple Mac, Atari, IBM-PC (on the Linux, MSDOS, & Windows), UNIX/NeXT.

o AppleWin emulator for Windows

A powerful Apple // emulator which runs under Windows in a screen. It doesn't make use of the whole screen, so has room for buttons for easy disk changing.

o Other Apple // Emulators

Some of these come as source, so can probably be ported to non-IBM's fairly easily. Not all come with the Apple ROMs, but you can probably use the ones supplied with AppleWin.

o The comp.emulators.apple2 FAQ

Good for finding out information about Apple // emulation.

o Apple II info

A general Apple // Information site. Down a lot though, so you might not be able to connect to it.

o Newsgroups:

o comp.emulators.apple2

o alt.emulators.ibmpc.apple2

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