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WorldClass is a new class library system for TADS, written by Dave Baggett for Adventions. He has given the rights for TADS programmers to use WorldClass in their games so long as the WorldClass copyright information is placed in the game, and requests for commercial distributions of such games be made to him. See the README file for more information.

WorldClass provides an extended class system, with handling for complex concepts such as things which produce smells, sounds, connecting together rooms, better handling in the internal functions, and a great deal of new additions such as footnotes, list handling, and game debugging.

The best place to learn how to use WorldClass is to download my WorldClass manual, current version 2.1 from GMD. It comes as a postscript and plain text version, and is located in the worldclass directory as You can also download the latest version of sample.t which include correction of a few bugs. I'll make the updations when I can find the time.

You can download the latest distribution of WorldClass from Dave Baggett by clicking on world.t and test.t which now require TADS 2.2 to run correctly.

Whats currently available

o WorldClass manual
The manual I've written for WorldClass. The current version is 2.1

o Dynamic object example
This is a simple demo of dynamic object creation under WorldClass. It implements a cupcake dispensing machine which can dispense up to 10 cupcakes to the player.

o Autosave command
This module is a revised version of my original Autosave command, and has been updated to work proply with WorldClass.

o Easy-solve maze unit
This is a module I built after recent talks in r.a.i-f about mazes. It implements a maze system where the player only has to take a specified number of steps to exit the maze. Allows full programmer control, and even handles backtracking and not repeating room descriptions when backtracking. An additional module mazetst.t demonstrates it's use.

o What-has-been-seen
This module supplies a replacement score_and_rank() function which in addition to the standard printing of score/turns, prints the percentage of items and locations seen by the player.

I'll try to keep this list updated as new modules are produced by either me or anyone else.

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