ALAN Programming Page

ALAN: The Adventure Language. The documentation and the interpreter package are freely distributely. The compiler, however, is request-ware (available without charge by sending mail to SoftLabs, but may not be re-distributed.



Description of Alan 2.6.0 and how to get it.


Documentation for Alan 2.6.0, available in both PostScript and text.

Amiga Interpreter 2.6.0

DOS Interpreter 2.6.0

HP/UX Interpreter 2.6.0

Macintosh Interpreter 2.5.1

Solaris Interpreter 2.6.0

SunOS Interpreter 2.6.0

VMS Interpreter 2.5.1



Four examples by Mark B. Sachs, icnluding a fully working Floyd from Planetfall. Available as an Amiga LZH, or a DOS ZIP file.

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