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The Adventure Game Toolkit is written by David R. Malmberg and Mark J. Welch. The system components which can be downloaded are as follows:

Mac AGT version 1.2

AGT version 1.2 for the Macintosh.

DOS AGT version 1.35

Contains the toolkit version 1.35 for MS-DOS.

DOS AGT version 1.5

Contains the toolkit version 1.5 for MS-DOS, and includes source of four sample games: Colossal Cave (350 points), Through the Looking Glass, Crusade, and In the Year 2093.

Windows AGT version 1.5

MS Windows AGT version 1.5; includes compiler and player, and source code of Colossal Cave (350 points version).

DOS AGT version 1.7

Contains the toolkit version 1.7 (freeware) for MS-DOS, as well as the four sample games.

DOS AGT version 1.7 source code

Turbo Pascal source code for AGT 1.7. Also contains the AGT manual and AGT source of Colossal Cave (350 points version).

John Menichell took AGT version 1.7, made the interactive with the player much more Infocom-like, and called it AGT 1.8

DOS AGT 1.83

Contains the DOS executables for AGT 1.83 compiler and interpreter. The Turbo Pascal 7.0 source code is also available.

Amiga AGT BIG version 1.3

AGT BIG version 1.3 for the Amiga. Also available is the documentation, with an addendum for the Amiga.

Atari ST AGT BIG version 1.3

Version 1.3 of AGT BIG for the Atari ST. Source code for the BIG version cannot be compiled with the normal version and vice versa.

DOS AGT BIG version 1.3

BIG version of AGT for DOS. Includes compiler, run program, a program to convert "Normal" AGT source files to "Big" AGT source files, and source code of a sample game (New England Gothic, by Simba).

Documentation for AGT 1.3 & 1.35

Machine independant documentation and sample game (CRUSADE) for AGT versions 1.3 and 1.35

Extended AGT Classic Edition (1.5) documentation

Written in WordPerfect 5.1 format. Formerly for registered users only, now freeware.

The AGT Master's Edition v 1.56

The entire Master's Edition of the Adventure Game Toolkit version 1.56 by David R. Malmberg. Repackaged into one file: document stating that it is now freeware, manual, compiler, run program, utilities (game format converter, pop-up hint creator, font editor, etc.), and source code of several sample games (Hurry!, Humongous Cave, Adventureland, Pirate's Adventure, Brainscape, Squynchia, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Pork I).

The AGT Number Manager

Written by Bill Martinson, version 1.08. A pre-compiler (DOS executable) for the AGT compiler, which allows you to use meaningful labels in your AGT source code instead of numbers. Works with normal and BIG version.

AGT Error Analysis Utility

Freeware by David S. Raley, Release 2 (1.56). DOS executable, documentation, and a sample game. Supports all version of the Master's Edition up to 1.56 as well as the Classic Edition (Stand and Big) and AGTNUM 1.09.

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