AdvSys Programming Page

AdvSys is available as both DOS Executables or Macintosh Executables (which don't seem to run on newer Macs). The source code is provided, version 1.2 written by David Betz, with the addition for smart articles by Bill Randle.

Also available is:


Written by Pierre Tremblay; his comment:
"Here is multiAventures, a program that may be useful to play text adventure games. Because you are adventurers, I let you discover how it works. It should not be too difficult to do so, even if the graphical interface is in french."

DOS ZIP containing source code

This contains the AdvSys source code in a ZIP archive.

An improved parser unit

Use this replacement unit in conjunction with the AdvSys source code to improve the parser.

ANSI C source code port

AdvSys version 1.2 ported to ANSI C by Matt Ackeret.

Object Oriented Runtime Package

Written by Brian Preble, version 2.0 (AdvSys source code). Also available as a ZIP file.

An explanation of AdvSys error messages

Written by Jon Drukman.

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