ZTools Index

ZTools version 07nov93, the Infocom Toolkit by Mark Howell.

The ZTool package contains the following tools:

check - check story file integrity, same as verify command. Works on all types. Optionally outputs a new story file of the correct length.

infodump - object, verb and dictionary dumper for story files. Works on all types. Verb list doesn't work for type 6 games yet.

inforead - converts IBM bootable disks to story files. Only for IBM PCs, requires Microsoft C.

pix2gif - convert IBM MCGA/VGA (*.MG1) picture files from type 6 games to individual GIF files, viewable on most platforms.

txd - disassembles story files to Z code assembly language, plus text strings. Works on type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 games.



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