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MCGA graphics file for Zerk Zero

This file was left out of LTOI 1.

MCGA graphics file for Journey

Two files sent by Graeme Cree; here is his comment for Journey, which also applies to Shogun:
"The IBM version of JOURNEY supplied both 5.25" and 3.5" diskettes. Unfortunately, the VGA version of the game was only on the 3.5" disks. Thus many copies of JOURNEY found in used software stores are missing the VGA version of the game, because the previous owner kept the 3.5" disks when he sold it. JOURNEY owners who don't have the VGA version need only insert the enclosed journey.mg1 file in a directory with journey.exe and journey.zip, and type JOURNEY /DM to start the game."

MCGA graphics file for Shogun

See above for information.

Ballyhoo radio station info

Information on the radio station in Ballyhoo which was missing from the Lost Treasures of Infocom I package. Taken from a review by Graeme Cree in SPAG #4.

The background documentation from Bureaucracy

This was left out of LTOI 2, typed in by Eric Cote.

The Two Moonmist letters

These were missing from LTOI 1; supplied by Mark Howell.

Zork Zero missing stuff

Contains the text from the scrap of parchment that is missing from some LTOI I packages.

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