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This is an index of Infocom-related articles. Many of the files were uploaded by Stu Galley from his private archive (read: attac).

The Wizard of Wishbringer

"A totallt objective, highly critical and unbiased interview with Infocom game designer Brian Moriarty, by Brian Moriarty.
From AmigaWorld January/February 1986 pages 70-73.

They Take the High-Tech Route to Adventure

Written by Burt Hochberg.
From Games magazine August/September 1987.

Excerpt from A Histroy of Computer Games

Written by Johnny Wilson.
From Computer Gaming World, November 1991.

Masters of the Game

Written by Richard Dyer
From "The Boston Globe" Magazine, May 6, 1984.

Participatory Novels

Written by Edward Rothstein
From the New York Times BOOK REVIEW, May 8, 1983.

Lost in Computer Fiction

Written by Bill Barol.
From Newsweek, December 23, 1985.

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Steve Meretzky (German)

From PC Joker 5/92 (September/October 1992).

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Infocom (German)

An interview with Eddie Dombrower and William D. Volk, the makers of Return to Zork.
From PC Joker 2/94 (February 1994).

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Bob Bates (German)

An interview with Bob Bates, author of Sherlock and Arthur, now president of Legend Entertainment; from PC Joker 7/8'95 (July/August 1995).

Through the Zorking Glass

Written by Curt Suplee.
From the Washington Post, December 22, 1983.

Schmiede der Legenden (German)

An interview with Bob Bates, from Power Play 12/91.

Zork - Magic Meets Science Fiction

Written by Peter Fitch.
From Practical Computing, April 1982.

Putting Fiction on a Floppy

Written by Philip Elmer-De Witt.
From TIME, December 5, 1983.

Infocom Special

Written by Roger Garret.
From Your Computer March 1987, and Profile: Infocom's Dave Lebling by Mike Gerrard, from Your Computer May 1987. Typed in by Torbjoern Andersson.

Articles and interview with Infocom writers

Compiled by Paul David Doherty. Contents: - IEEE Computer, 1979: "Zork: A Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game" by Lebling/Blank/Anderson
- Creative Computing, 1980: "How to Fit a Large Program Into a Small Machine" by Blank/Galley
- Byte, 1980: "Zork and the Future of Computerized Fantasy Simulations" by Lebling
- Mike Gerrard's Lebling Interview (1987)
- Paul Rigby's Moriarty Interview
- New Zork Times, 1985: "The History of Zork" by Anderson/Galley

Computer-Games Firm Moving to California

Written by Ronald Rosenberg.
From Boston Globe, Monday May 22, 1989.

The Infocom Reunion Conference transcript

How to get the transcript of this conference.

Four Minds Forever Voyaging

Written by Sean Masterson. Interviews with Dave Lebling, Steve Meretzky, Stu Galley, and Carl Genatossio.
From ZZAP! 64; typed in by Hans Persson.

NZT Articles

There are also some articles in the list above. Unless otherwise specified, most of the below articles were transcribed by Graeme Cree.

Table of Contents

Contains an index and information about the New Zork Times and The Status Line, by Alex Wai.

Advice Columns

A collection of New Zork Times advice columns:
* Ask Duffy, from Summer 1984, page 5
* Ask Jennifer, from Winter 1985, page 5
* Dear Miss Underground Manners, from the Status Line, Fall 1986, page 2.

Fooblitzky Keeps Puzzle-Solvers Busy

From the New Zork Times, Winter 1986, pages 1 and 5.

Franks Answers

Frank Answers to the Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions. From the New Zork Times, Spring 1984, page 1-2, transcribed by Graeme Cree.

Good-Bye to The Status Line

Hello to ZQ (Zork Quarterly).

The History of Zork

* First in a Series
By Tim Anderson from the New Zork Times, Winter 1985, pages 6-7 and 11.
* Second in a Series
By Tim Anderson from the New Zork Times, Spring 1985, pages 3-5.
* The Final (?) Chapter
MIT, MDL, ZIL, ZIP; by Stu Galley. From the New Zork Times, Summer 1985, pages 4-5, transcribed by Graeme Cree.


A collection of New Zork Times horoscopes:
* Infocom Horoscope, from Spring 1984, page 3
* Your Weekly Horoscope by Omar, from The Status Line, Summer 1986, page 2.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By Brian Moriarty, from ****, Spring 1986.

How much you wanna bet? Dinner in Paris or Tokyo

A history of InfoBets (anonymous) and California Academy of Science debuts 'Marathon of the Minds', by Stu Galley.
From the Status Line, Winter/Spring 1987.

How "The Witness" Came to Be

From the New Zork Times, Summer 1984.

Infocom's First Romance

Plundered Hearts author Amy Briggs talks about why she chose to write an interactive romance.
From the Status Line, Winter 1987, page 9.

Inside Look at Game Development

From the New Zork Times, Winter 1984, page 4.

Is It GUE Tech or MIT? Dave Lebling Explains It...

From the Status Line, Winter/Spring 1988, page 5.

Music From the Great Underground Empire

(Reprinted from U.S. News and Dungeon Report, 9/18/951).
From the New Zork Times, Spring 1985, page 8.


Written by Stu Galley. From the Status Line, Spring 1989, page 2.

Sasha Blunderbraas: Prime Virtuosa

By S. Eric Merescu from the New Zork Times, Spring 1985.

The Shrinkwrapped Falcon

Written by A. Dashiell Meretsky. From the New Zork Times, Winter 1985, page 3. Typed in by Dave Robeson.

Suspect Author Suspected

By Dave Lebling, from the New Zork Times, Winter 1985, page 8.

They're never satisfied

Written by Dave Lebling, from the New Zork Times, Fall 1984.

Upper Sandusky

"No, it's not on Lake Erie and there isn't a Joe's", by Steve Meretzky. From The Status Line, Fall 1987.

A Zork By Any Other Name

From the New Zork Times, Winter 1984.

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