PC Education Games Index

This index contains a list of availabe educational games compiled for the PC.

Alcatraz and Grotter

Two very simple Swedish text adventures, supposed to show how to write adventures in BASIC. Alacatraz requires CGA. Probably by Nils Eng.

Around the World in Eighty Days

An AGT adventure, version 1.1 by Lloyd Holliday.

The Asian Challenge

Version 2.0, by Conrad R. Button.
This game conflicts with some mouse drivers (e.g. Logitech 5.01), so boot without a driver if you encounter:
"Illegal function call in line 29300 in module ASIA at ..."

Aventure Game & Interactive Fiction Generator Demo

Version 2.0, by Roger Kenner.
This is an authoring system for CALL (Computer-Aided Language Learning); the demo consists of source code of a small sample game and a DOS interpreter for that code.


A Swedish text adventure by Nils Eng. In spite of it's name, this is actually an adaption of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. It is a very different adventure, trying to reproduce the feeling of reading a book rather than playing a game. It doesn't quite succeed, but it's an interesting attempt, nevertheless. Requires EGA (for minor graphics). QuickBasic source included.


An Adventure in Neuroanatomy, version 1.2 by W. Jeffrey Wilson and Lynne Ostergren. Includes Pascal source code and DOS executable.

Christian Text Adventure #1

Written with GAGS, by Bob Nance.


A simple text adventure designed to teach Biblical truths, by Pete Koziar.

Escape from the ELI

An Interactive Adventure Game for Learners of English, based on a foreign student's first day at the English Language Institute of the University of Delaware. Written by Lowell Riethmuller.

Heather's Easter Egg Hunt

An AGT adventure for children (age 7 - 12), version 0.91 by Tom and Ginnie Reynolds.

Die Karawane der siebten Dynastie

An illustrated German text adventure by Extase. Contains a high quality playable demo (world 1 of 5) of shareware game.

KreuAVT and Aventuro

A compiler and an interpreter for text adventures in Esperanto (DOS executables), and La insulo Texel. Version 2.0, by Wim Koolhoven.


An illustrated text adventure written in Swedish for people learning English. Requires EGA. Version 1.1, by Nils Eng.


"Orientation to Van Pelt Library of the University of Pennsylvania".
An AGT adventure by Richard Young.

Pacy-Face und sseine Abenteur in Zauberland

A simple German text adventure by Philipp Koehn. Contains QBASIC source code, ported from C64 BASIC by Bob Newell.

South American Trek

An educational text adventure by Conrad R. Button.
This game conflicts with some mouse drivers (eg. Logitech 5.01), so boot without a driver if some lines are missing from your screen.

Weekend Survival

An Interactive Adventure Game for learners of English. Written by Lowell Riethmuller.

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