AdvSys Games Index

Following is a list of AdvSys compiled games. You will need the AdvSys Interpreter to run the games.


Release 1 - gamefile for AdvSys 1.2. A psychedelic interactive fiction by Scumbag Software, Inc (Jon Drukman).

Elves '87

Written by BOA! (Burnt Out Adventurers! = Bruce MacKay & Marlene Abriel). AdvSys 1.2 gamefile and source provided. Note that the game is too big for the source to be compiled under DOS [compiled by David A. Graves]. File can be downloaded as a ZIP file from See also The AGT Games Index for an AGT version of the game.

The Key to Time

Gamefile for AdvSys 1.2, by Jon Drukman.

The Sound of One Hand Clapping - A Riddle in Subtlety

Release 1a - gamefile for AdvSys 1.2, by Erica Sudan. Includes source code of the AdvSys interpreter for Unix. Also available as , which includes both the source code and executable for the DOS AdvSys interpreter.

Starship Columbus

Version 1.2, written by Gary McGath. This game is shareware; at some point it requires you to send $10 to the author so you can continue playing the game.

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