The Emulators Page

Below is a list of available emulators, grouped by the computer they emulate.

Apple II


DOS Version 2.20 beta, by David Ellsworth. Based on Randy Spurlock's Apl2Emu version 1, it is can emulate an Apple ][+, //e, and //c emulator.


PC Xformer 2.51

Atari 800/800XL emulator for DOS by Darek Michocka. Free version 2.51 (13jan95), complete.

PC Xformer 2.52

Atari 800/800XL emulator for DOS by Darek Michocka. Free version 2.52 (17apr95), executable and documentation only.

Commodore 64


Version 2.09 by Peter Schepers. A C64 archive file converter for the PC, modelled after Norton Commander 3.0


C64 Software Emulator for DOS, demo version 1.0F (sep94) by Miha Peternel. Several games included.

C64 Emulator Tools

Written by Rick Brennan.

Personal C64

The C64 Emulator for the PC, by Wolfgang Lorenz, shareware version 1.18

The Star Commonder

Version 0.70 beta by Joe Forster. "The ultimate copy utility that handles the disk and tape images of the C64S emulator ... very similar to the Norton Commander".


Version 1.22, by Bernhard Schwall. Transfers files between a PC and a C64 floppy drive; comes with English and German documentation and user interface.



Version 1.0, by Arnt Gulbrandsen. Emulates a Sinclair Spectrum 48k Z80-based computer on any 386+ PC with VGA graphics. Includes 14 games.

Sinclair XZ Spectrum Emulator

Sharewware version 3.03 by Gerton A. Lunter. Emulates a XZ Spectrum 48k model 2 or 3 and Spectrum 128k. Requires PC with 640k base memory or EMS. Includes 77 games.

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