IF Documents Index

This page contains of a list of documents concerning the programming of interactive fiction.

Adventure Game History

A history of the Ineractive Fiction genre, by Hans Persson. Last update: 07mar95.

Adventure Game Systems

A list of adventure authoring systems, both commercial, free, and for in-house development, by Hans Persson. Late update: 10may94.

Authoring Systems FAQ

Information about development systems for Interactive Fiction, by Nathon Torkington. Last update 23nov94.

Colossal Cave Origins

"Colossal Cave Revisted", by Mel Park. An article from TidBITS #229, 06jun94, about a re-release of the game on CD and the original cave the game is based on.

Colossal Cave Tidbits

A note from Bernie Cosell on the origin of the original ADVENT game.

The Craft of Adventure

Second addition, written by Graham Nelson. Tex Version. Also available in a text version.

Directed Acyclic Graphs

Project paper "The Application of Directed Acyclic Graphs to First Generation Interactive Fiction". Word Perfect document and plain ASCII text, and a TADS implementation of plot DAGs, by Paul Munn.

Fine Writing

A proposition on why adventure games don't encourage beautiful prose. Written January 1995, by Gareth Rees.

How to Write Good Textual Adventures

Using C codes examples; Written by Vladimir Krstulja (CyberDaemon). Last modified 29may95.

IF Bibliography

Interactive Fiction Bibliography (3/94) compiled by Stephen Granade.

IF Design

Papers by Vladimir Krstulja (CyberDaemon):
How to Write Good Textual Adventures (in C, with code examples)
How to Make a Good Design for an IF Game

MUD Information

The beginning of a compilation of information concerning Multi-User adventure games. Last update: 17apr94.

PICKLE Specification v 1 (DRAFT)

"Platform Idependant Composite Kumquat Lickable Format", by Andrew C. Plotkin.
- a suggestion how to encapsulate different types of data into one game file.

Programming Contest

The general hammered out rules for the programming contest which is to be on i 1995. Preliminary survey indicates that there will be 13 entries
(TADS: 3 anonymous, 1 probably anonymous, 1 not specified;
INFORM: 1 anonymous, 6 not anonymous). See the '95 IF Games Comp Index fore more information.

Scoring debate

A thread from r.a.i-f discussing the pros and cons of scoring in Interactive Fiction.


A method of writing scripts to define a game being designed. Written in May 1994 by Gareth Rees.

The rec.arts.int-fiction Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Julian Arnold, last update: 06sep95b.

The rec.games.int-fiction Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Stephen van Egmond, last update: 16jul95.

Tolkien games list

A list of computer games related to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, by Fredrik Ekman (version 1.6).

The "Which Authoring System Is Better" FAQ

Revision 1.01, 20feb96, inital publication, by Bob Newell. A detailed discussion and comparison of 10 IF authoring systems (TADS, Inform, ALAN, Hugo, AGT, Archetype, GINAS, LADS, Gamescape, and Aventuro). Contains the document in four formats: PostScript, TeX, DVI, and plain ASCII.

Whizzard's Guide to Text Adventure Authorship

Version 2.0, by Gerry Kevin Wilson. Comes in three parts:

* Base document
* Supplementary 1
* Supplementary 2

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