The Interactive-Fiction Page

Welcome to my Interactive Fiction Page. Through following the available links, you'll be able to get any interactive fiction package, game, or material you require. This system contains links mostly to GMD's packages, but there are somes others included.

Last Updated 29-Feb-95

What's New

* IF documents
This contains links to available interactive fiction
documents including game creation, magazine reviews,
and the Oz Project publications.

* Newsgroup archives
This contains links to the interactive fiction newsgroups
and archives, as well as an index to some of the more
interesting topics discussed in r.a.i-f in the past.

* Game Programming
This area contains links to all available game programming
materials, such as libraries, compilers, and example programs.

* Games
This area contains lists of all available adventure games and solutions.

* Infocom Archive
This area contains all the available Infocom material.

* Tools
This contains a list of tools available for both
downloading and playing adventure games.

* Web Links
This contains a bunch of links to other IF WWW pages.

* GMD Directory Tree
A directory tree of all directories at the Interactive Fiction archive at GMD.

Note that much of the indexes here are mostly rewritten versions of the indexes in each directory of GMD, and as such, game comments are actually comments made by GMD's maintainer, Volker Blasius, except where explicitly stated otherwise.

Feel free to mail me any comments, bug alerts, files I missed, areas of improvement, etc.

Paul Gilbert |